You're a WHITE MALE!


Board games make great gifts…and TRIGGERED! is sure to be a memorable hit with politically incorrect folks you know and love!

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This is the game where factual correctness TRUMPs political correctness.

In TRIGGERED!, your identity is Based Book Man.  Your mission is to “trigger” the Social Justice Warrior. Your weapons are reason, knowledge, and a fearless determination to pursue the truth wherever it leads, regardless of how problematic or offensive it may be.

In order to get the SJW fully TRIGGERED!, you must navigate your way to the end of the game board.  You advance one space at a time for each IQ CHECK question you answer correctly.

Winning the game isn’t as simple as having the highest IQ, however. Luck and circumstances beyond your control may propel you forward…or backward.

Along your path, you’ll draw PRIVILEGE CHECK cards.  They may give you advantages to help you win…or saddle you with disadvantages you’ll have to overcome.

TRIGGER WARNING!: If you’re used to scoring oppression points by playing your victim identity card, you’re about to get TRUMPed!