Can women and non-whites play, too?

Yes! There’s no rule that says darkies and people of estrogen can’t role play as Based Book Man.

If you’re not a white male, some PRIVILEGE CHECK cards will specifically benefit you…while others will be detrimental. Overall, however, the game isn’t rigged for or against you based your race or gender. If you want an automatic boost based on your victim mindset, then enroll at Social Justice University and whine your way up the Progressive stack.

Should we shuffle the cards?

Shuffle the PRIVILEGE CHECK cards before each game. They are meant to come up randomly. Don’t shuffle the IQ CHECK deck. Instead, segregate (using a rubber band or baggie) the IQ CHECK cards you’ve already played from the ones you haven’t. That way you won’t get asked a question you’ve answered in a previous game.

If I roll a “4” on UNEQUAL START and land on PRIVILEGE CHECK, do I draw a card immediately or wait for my next turn?

You draw a card immediately. Your turn is considered over after you’ve taken a card or, if applicable, carried out the prescribed action on a card.

What do I do with a PRIVILEGE CHECK card after it has been played?

Return it to the bottom of the deck…or just put it in a discard pile. There should be enough cards so that none will need to be re-used in any single game.

Why would I want to enter the SAFE SPACE?

Maybe you are psychologically fragile and need to shield yourself from micro-aggressive IQ CHECKs within a nurturing cocoon of safety.

Also, the SAFE SPACE is a potential shortcut on the game board. If you’re not confident in your IQ CHECK abilities, you might prefer your odds of rolling a “1” to get out of the SAFE SPACE. If you have a REBEL card, it’s a sure thing. Just play it on your next turn to break free.

What can I do with the game after I’ve played all the IQ CHECK cards?

Lots of things! You can give it away to someone else who’d enjoy playing it (or to a feminist who’d get triggered by it). You can play TRIGGERED! using questions borrowed from other trivia games. Or you can buy a new add-on IQ CHECK deck when it’s released (check back in for updates).

Who created the game?

TRIGGERED! was conceived and brought to fruition by me, an insensitive and deplorable white male known on the internet as Libertarian Realist. I came up with the design and rules for the game. I researched and wrote all the IQ CHECK questions. I had ideas for the artwork, too, but the credit for creating it goes to another white male.

The game board along with most of the major PRIVILEGE CHECK cards were created by “alt-artist” JinjerZilla. Find more of his high-energy illustrations promoting Western civilization at JinjerZilla.com or on his Twitter profile (@JinjerZilla).

I welcome your feedback on what you like…or don’t like about the game. You can e-mail me at Info@TriggeredGame.com – or post your questions below.


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    1. It wouldn’t be a fully functional game as described in the rules with only two people (TRUMP card, etc. couldn’t be used). You’d have to improvise some modifications to the rules for two players.

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