For the most orderly, most competitive, most fun game experience, it’s recommended that you play TRIGGERED! with 5 people: 4 Based Book Men, plus a Game Master.

You can incorporate more players. To play with 9, for example, split up into 4 teams of 2, plus a Game Master.

If playing with only 3 people, it’s recommended that you each share the role of Game Master on a rotating basis. (With only 2 players on the game board, some game features won’t be implementable.)


One person serves as the Game Master.  He is responsible for understanding, interpreting, and enforcing the rules. He decides whose turn comes in what order. Most importantly, the Game Master is the custodian and reader of the IQ CHECK cards.


Life isn’t fair and neither is this game!  Some people come to the game with innate, genetically constructed advantages. Others will get a head start because of luck. Deal with it.

More likely than not, players will get their first turn at IQ CHECK from different starting spaces on the board. That’s because UNEQUAL START calls for each player to roll the dice and go forward the corresponding number of spaces.

After each player has completed the UNEQUAL START, the IQ CHECK begins.


The triggering core of this game are the enlightening – and at times enraging – questions and answers of IQ CHECK. The Game Master announces the category of each card drawn (ARTS, SCIENCE, HISTORY, etc.), then asks the politically incorrect questions one at a time.

If a player’s answer is factually correct, then he goes forward one space. If he’s factually incorrect, the next player takes a stab at the same question. If the question goes around the table and nobody gets it right, then the Game Master announces the answer and proceeds to the next question.

Note: If you opt to share the role of Game Master on a rotating basis, then each player’s turn at Game Master will last through an entire IQ CHECK card.


Check your privilege…and take your chances.  Will being a white male help or hurt your standing in the game?  Will you be fortunate enough to draw a RED PILL?

Find out each time you land on a green Man space for any reason. That entitles you to draw a PRIVILEGE CHECK card.  If the card contains instructions, you must carry them out immediately.

You may hang onto any of the 6 featured PRIVILEGE CHECK cards that grant you special privileges: TRUMP, RED PILL, REBEL, CONSPIRACY, PHYSICAL REMOVAL, MEME MAGIC.  Play these cards at any time during the game, provided you heed the rules particular to each one .


A PRIVILEGE CHECK card could send you to the SAFE SPACE. You may also choose to enter the SAFE SPACE at the fork in the board.

While inside the SAFE SPACE, you cannot participate in IQ CHECK when your turn comes up. Instead, your turn consists of a dice roll.  Your object is to roll a binary (“1”).  That gets you out of the SAFE SPACE and into UNSAFE! territory.

While inside the SAFE SPACE, you cannot be subjected to, or participate in, any actions by other players. You cannot play any of your PRIVILEGE CHECK cards – except REBEL.

The REBEL card lets you break free from the confines of the SAFE SPACE without needing to roll a binary.


The winner is the first player to advance enough spaces to get the Social Justice Warrior fully TRIGGERED!